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Play Beautiful New Age Piano
In 30-Days Or Less... Guaranteed!

Go From Amateur to Artist in Nothing Flat! Join me New Age pianist and teacher Edward Weiss online as I show you how it's done! With over 150 easy step-by-step lessons... you learn how to improvise, compose, and play what you feel on the piano! No previous experience is needed or required. Start playing piano the way you've always wanted to; flowing, peaceful, delightful! Everything you need to play New Age piano is here! See Our Special Offer Below!!

Free Sample Lesson: 'Nurturing Rain!'
Watch as I show you how to use chords to create a calm, reflective mood in the sample lesson; 'Nurturing Rain!'

Play Piano In 30-Days or Less? Absolutely Yes!
Whats the secret? A process over product approach that will have you easily and effortlessly playing the piano. Once you let go of the outcome and focus on the process - you win!

Lesson One: Oriental Sunrise
In this lesson you use the pentatonic minor scale and chords to create a free-form improvisation.

Lesson Two: Ocean Dreams
Here you learn to use the 3 basic chords from the C Major scale to create a unique little improvisation.

Lesson Three: Rainforest
In this lesson you use chords in the Key of G Major to create the backdrop for Rainforest. Your right hand improvises a melody! 

Lesson Four: Morning Mist
In this lesson you learn how to use the crossover technique along with the scale and chords of F Major to create the atmosphere of Morning Mist.  

Lesson Five: Winter Scene
In this lesson you use an ostinato pattern along with chords from the modal scale of D dorian. 

Here you learn how to use an 8-bar phrase along with broken chords to create the background for Autumn.

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